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Mrs. Maria Cecilia Quiroz Tirado, who founded our company in May of 2000, is MASTER FARMA´s General Manager. Mrs. C. Quiroz is a graduate of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, with a Major in Education. She had the opportunity to travel extensively within our country during her academic training, taking cognizance of the reality of our nation and the needs of its people. There was much to do in the area of health and, while keeping the human sensibility, an interesting business opportunity emerged. Thus, the idea of creating MASTER FARMA was conceived, becoming an established and renowned company, which supplies not only the domestic market, but also several markets overseas.

" We learned almost from the beginning that the best way to achieve success was to bring the most qualified elements to the heart of our company. They soon led us to a new peak. "


Mr. César Calderón Vivanco, a renowned professional in the pharmaceutical industry who has led major corporations over 30 years of fruitful work, is MASTER FARMA’s Assistant General Manager.

"In this globalized economy in which we operate, we assume the challenge of improving, day by day, those strategies that enable our products to reach more and more destinations within and outside our region."


Thanks to a rigorous selection process, MASTER FARMA S.A. prides itself of having an excellent team of professionals and specialists in all areas of our business. The company and its staff feel proud of each other, which reinforces the commitment of all members of the MASTER FARMA family.

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